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What is the purpose of hypnotherapy?

The purpose of clinical hypnotherapy is to make positive and healthy changes to the mind, body, and emotions. Hypnotherapy is used to heighten your mind’s ability to heal. Within your subconscious mind you hold all of your memories and habit patterns. By comfortably and gently quieting the mind, hypnotherapy can guide your mind directly to the cause of your issue so that you can let go of an unwanted habit or mental block. Because hypnosis is the direct road to the subconscious mind, it is known as one of the most results-oriented modalities available to create change in one’s life.

Can I be hypnotized?

The truth of the matter is that everyone is hypnotized several times a day without being aware of it. Have you ever been driving down the freeway and missed your exit? Or drifted off during a movie, then come back wondering what happened? Both are examples of hypnosis, which is simply a state of mind where your conscious or busy mind has quieted.

Do I need to be deeply relaxed during sessions to benefit from hypnotherapy?

With our specialized form of hypnotherapy, it is not necessary to be in a “deep state of relaxation” to experience the results. In fact, many clients report being in a very light state of relaxation where they feel alert and present. Clients who report being in a light state of relaxation still reach their goals as well as those who achieve a deeper state of relaxation.

Will I be in control during the session?

Our clients report being aware of what takes place during sessions, and feeling in control of their thoughts and at ease with the process. A popular myth, due to stage hypnosis, is that the hypnotherapist has the ability to take over someone’s mind. This is simply not true. On the contrary, our purpose is to teach people to take better control of their own mind, body, and emotions.

Is Hypnotherapy an instant fix?

Some issues can be resolved very quickly through hypnotherapy. Other issues take a handful of sessions, sometimes more, sometimes less. We determine how many sessions you need during your free consultation. Hypnotherapy does not take the place of psychiatric or medical treatment and it is not magic (though, sometimes if feels that way). Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective tool for self-improvement. My job is to be guide people, using this tool, to discover the amazing power of their mind.

Will I share any secret information?

No. You cannot be forced to say or do anything under hypnosis that you don’t want to. Remember that you are completely in control and empowered. If forcing secrets out of someone was possible with hypnosis, police would be using hypnosis to get the truth out of suspects!

Is hypnotherapy medically approved?

In 1958, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) approved hypnotherapy for use by professionally responsible individuals. Many prestigious hospitals in the U.S. now use and teach hypnosis, such as Stanford University School of Medicine in San Francisco, the Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston, and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Now more and more people are choosing hypnosis as a complement to aid in healing from medical procedures.

How have people benefited from your services?

Clients report that they have been able to end mental, physical, and emotional blocks; release and resolve ideas, concepts, emotional traumas, fears, phobias, and anxieties; lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life; curb negative thinking; approach problems in a positive light; enjoy a peaceful state of mind; gain more confidence; lose weight; outgrow smoking; develop a strong sense of self worth and self love; and implement positive lifestyle changes. In short, healthier choices become second nature.


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