I have the pleasure of witnessing clients achieve balance, become stronger emotionally, and improve in many areas of their lives.

I believe that anyone who is open and receptive can make important changes in their lives by accessing their innate Inner Wisdom healing power.

This uncomplicated therapy offers a way to help clients let go of issues that originate in the subconscious mind.

Clients comfortably return to their natural state of health and wellness.

I thoroughly enjoy my work and feel inspired by my clients and the results that they achieve. It is a privilege to have a career that offers both hope and lasting results.

Angela BarrusCBT CCHT

Here are a few more things you may find interesting about me

I’m passionate about empowering fellow travelers.

There’s nothing quite like working with people who courageously claim their divine healing and empowerment privileges. I get to work with some of the finest human beings I have ever met. And I love celebrating their growth and having a front-row seat as a witness of them accomplishing their goals.

I’m always learning.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Idaho State University. Then I received further credentials from the California Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences CIHAS. I am also an Amen Method Professional with the primary focus being neuro-science and positive psychology and a certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner. My library is brimming over with amazing, well-loved books on topics including the power of the subconscious mind, leadership, having a heart at peace, healing methods, transformation, the power of words, meditation, hypnotherapy, storytelling, speaking etc. Let me know if you’d like an excellent book recommendation!

I’m Professional Speaker NERD – BIG TIME.

I am a self-professed absolute, total NERD about speaking! About 20 years ago a friend asked me “Angela, if you could choose any talent that you could be really, really good at what would it be?”

My speedy response, “Easy, if I could learn how to engage and connect with an audience and inspire them to grow in some way I’d be ecstatic.” Ever since drawing that line in the sand, I’ve been saying yes to as many speaking requests as possible even when they’ve scared me. And the really cool thing is that I’m now hired to not only speak about all things mindset but also about speaking!

“It is an honor to lock arms with clients on their personal journey of renewal, I take great pride in helping to bring peace, balance and healing to their lives.” - Angela